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Add a File/Send/Link to Word or Notepad++ or other program to IE 11


I know this can't be as hard as it seems.  I cannot find a way to add anything to the File>send> options in IE11.  They don't seem to be connection in any way with the Send To: Options under Roaming so adding other options there only helps if you two-step send th shortcut to desktop, then right click, "send to" again.

I can File>send>page by email which is fine and I can even send it to myself but again that takes a lot of typing when sending the page to Word would allow me to even edit it before saving.  Better yet, file>send>page +shortcut (or favicon or hyperlink) to WORD.

Click it, word opens, page is added, hyperlink is written and I am left with a document to add comments to and save.  Even the name of the document would default to the most part of the hyperlink since WORD does that anyway.  The first words written are the default name of the file unless changed.

Anyone have an idea of how to do this?

This shows add to OneNote.  I'm not sure if there's a way to add more commands than are in the list.  I only have IE 10 and don't use IE.


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