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[EXPIRED] [Android] JuiceSSH PRO *FREE* until Tuesday 18th March 11:00 GMT

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Via OzBargain:

v That's a link v

^ That's a link ^

In order to apply the free upgrade from the free version to PRO you need to enter the Google email address tied to your Android device.

The license is tied to your Google email address and is a life time license for an unlimited number of devices.
--- End quote ---

Well, I bit although I've never heard of the program before. I'll give it a chance.

Very odd that both the OP and the OZBargain link don't give any details what the program is or does. :)

I guess it's a case of you'll know if you need it or not just by reading the name.  ;D

I would have thought the SSH gave it away  ;)

If you don't know what it generally stands for w.r.t computers, chances are you don't need it.

But I know people can't resist anything with the word FREE attached  ... even if they have no use for it  ;D

Secure SHell client for those that are interested, eg. connect to your Linux VPS, etc.

PRO upgrade adds the ability to proxy over the connection, among other things.

I can't speak for others, but I'm sure I'll be able to put it to good use. I've been thinking about scoping out a good SSH client for my phone anyway so this might save me some time searching if I like what I see.

Their emailed instructions worked perfectly and I was a little surprised the 'normal' price for this app was nearly seven bucks. I advise anyone who thinks there's even a remote chance they might need an app like this to go ahead and pick it up.

Direct link to the offer page:


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