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BitDefender Leap Year Sale - Any Product for $29

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Choose between Bitdefender's AntiVirus Plus, Internet Security, and Total Security software packages.

$29 will get you protection for 3 PCs for 1 year.

Check out the sale here.

Steven Avery:
If you do this, read carefully and triple-check that you are not authorizing recurring billing later. Take pictures, save emails, make sure the license matches up, etc.

Midnight Rambler:
Leap year sale in a non-leap year?

Leap year sale in a non-leap year?
-Midnight Rambler (March 19, 2014, 09:53 AM)
--- End quote ---

A little bit of fun: "2014 decided to ignore Feb. 29th, but we didn't"

And here's something that tells us what a brave new world we now live in. From BitDefender's legal page (emphasis and underlines added):

Bitdefender reserves the right to cooperate with any legal process and any law enforcement or other government inquiry related to your use of this Software and Services. This means that Bitdefender may provide documents and information relevant to a court subpoena or to a law enforcement or other government investigation. In order to promote awareness, detection and prevention of Internet security risks, Bitdefender may share certain information with research organizations and other security software vendors.

Bitdefender may also use statistics derived from the information to track and publish reports on security risk trends. By using the Software and Services, You acknowledge and agree that Bitdefender may collect, transmit, store, disclose and analyze such information for these purposes. You declare that all the data that you provide will be true and accurate and undertakes to inform BItDefender of any changes to said data. You have the right to object to the processing of any of his or her data which is not essential for the execution of the agreement and to its use for any purpose other than the maintenance of the contractual relationship.
--- End quote ---

"Or other inquiry"??? Did they just say "other inquiry"??? :huh: That's a pretty nice little weasel way to put it.  Well...I guess that means if some law enforcement or government entity "requests" your info, a court order isn't really required under this wording is it?  :tellme:

This is not a knock on BitDefender BTW. By now I'm sure all the other players have similar wording buried someplace deep within their EULAs. :-\


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