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Entries for banner contest

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Hi All,

I have some new entries for the banner contest, but I am have a bit of trouble figuring out how to post them on the Banner Forum. I am really illiterate in this area, but would like to get these banners posted before the end of the contest on June 1.  Any help would really be appreciated. Sorry to be a pain..

I can be contacted at messenger (rickko), AOL messenger (wrekless05), or Yahoo Messenger (wrekless03).

Regards, Rick  :(

[edited by mouser: removed email address just to avoid possibility of getting spam from bots that scour the internet; if people want to contact you by email they can message you on the forum]

hi rick :)
not being a pain at all.

you can add images to a post as follows:
just start a reply on that thread, and at the bottom you'll find a button to add an attachment, click that and browse to the image file on your pc.  then click the (more attachments) link to create a new box to add a new attachment, and repeat until you've added all the images.

you can also email them to me if you get stuck ([email protected])

Thanks Mouser, for the quick reply, I will give it a try right now

-Regards, Rick

i am happyme


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