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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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The game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is on sale on steam today for 75% off, making it less than $4.

It's a multiplayer team-based first person shooter.

I'm not sure we will ever play it, but there has been some talk in the #donationcoder chat channel (see link at top of forum) of playing it all together, so I just bought it.

If anyone else wants to join in playing, pick it up!

If you're on steam, want to play it, but for some reason can't buy it, and have made more than 5 posts on the forum, send me a message today and i'll try to buy you a copy.

Sent you a PM. Thank for your kindness though not sure if I am eligible for it.  :D

Edit : Just receive a copy from Admin. Thank a ton really appreciate the help!

check pm.

I play this a lot.  If I had know someone wanted a copy, I would have chipped in.  I guess I need to read more often...

I missed the chat about this, but i might be persuaded to participate if I knew what server you guys were using  :huh:


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