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Interesting Program...


Just found this program (have not tried it yet) called Stick (  Its a freeware app that appears (at first glance) to have some interesting features.  One of the fetaures is this:

"Quick Launcher Hit the Windows key and the space bar together and you'll see the application launcher. Just start typing the name of the application you want and the program will start listing matches. The more you use it, the smarter it gets."

You may want to add this program into the list of alternatives.  The program also has a lot of other things that some may consider bloat so FindRun still definitely has a place, but stick is worth a look.


That is a nice program mouser, I have used it in the past.  I stopped using quite some time ago due to it's memory usage which at the time was quite high for the machine I was running it on.  It has many nice faatures that you'll quickly get used to and then miss when they're not there.  I don't know how it's been updated since I gave it up as to the way it hogs memory.  Maybe I'll give it another shot as it has been about three years and I've also upgraded my memory since then.  Thanks for the link.

Just tried it and it keeps crashing when it finds there is no internet connection... it keeps trying to bring up outlook.  It still looks interesting but I'll have to see what it's like at home where the networks arent quite so secure (or in this case non-existent).



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