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Staunch US Intelligence Community defender Dian Feinstein comes to her senses.

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I confess I hadn't realised the politicians somehow bought their seats. The whole thing seems nonsensical to me
-IainB (March 12, 2014, 01:24 AM)
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Nah Iain, Buying Political Appointments is a big game in the US. A few fellas are gunning for it as early as High School!

-TaoPhoenix (March 12, 2014, 02:00 AM)
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Not so much bought their seats as had them paid for. Such is the beauty of US campaign financing law.

Some more good follow-up articles worth reading:

CIA Director Tries To Release His Side Of The Senate Spying Scandal; Actually Confirms Feinstein's Accusations

And the media falls for yet more CIA nuanced responses and strawman arguments:

Reporters Fall For CIA Director Brennan's Non-Denial Denial Over Senate Spying Scandal

Unfortunately, Ms. Feinstein hasn't exactly come clean in her own narrative. Which shows why the single most important thing on a politician's reference bookshelf isn't a copy of The Constitution, or even some holy scripture - it's a decent Thesaurus.

Why Won't Senator Feinstein Call Torture Torture?

Hint: The USA does not torture people - therefore what was done to some detainees cannot be called 'torture.' QED. :-\


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