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what does this say?

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English people really need to learn to enunciate better-4wd (March 15, 2014, 08:00 PM)
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Is that a widespread matter or is that limited to few cases?
-Giampy (March 16, 2014, 03:12 PM)
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I've found it to be reasonably widespread, (your normal person in the street), I'm kind of used to it now.
My wife, (English), said that one of the things she noticed when she came to Australia was that everyone talked slower than what she was used to. ;D

Back to the OP, dropping the audio into Audacity, reducing speed by 15% and adding a bit of bass made it a lot easier but still the person speaking ran a lot of her words together.

Curt: (March 15, 2014, 11:35 AM)
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~one of those weird situations where I could only open the target link in Internet Explorer, because Firefox wouldn't recognize it as something to download (not ".mp3" but ".htm").

I agree with the important parts of this interpretation:

call us back on 01865 826245, and at Wednesday the 26th of March be at Plant Swindon, at reception at quarter to eight for an eight o'clock start.  until approximately half-past twelve. /Jodie Evans
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-4wd (March 15, 2014, 08:00 PM)
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The involved phones are suffering from lack of sound quality, and her pronunciation is a little sloppy. However, at the same time I would say her English is fine, but that of a young mind; not really concerned with the other part...

Are you ready to face death, kalos? We all know there are more murders happening in and around Oxford than anywhere else in the world! Are you going to kill, to manhandle a BMW?

Was that too much?  :-\

"We all know there are more murders happening in and around Oxford than anywhere else in the world!"

it's the first time I hear such thing

Columbo, Quincy, Perry Mason, Jim Rockford and Jonathan & Jennifer Hart all hunted killers, really many killers, in Los Angeles. But Oxford is so much smaller than L.A. that the murder rate per capita is much higher in Oxford. In fact there were so many murders in these areas that TV series were made about it. Detective series.

Come to think of it, Cabot Cove in New England (USA) may have had even more murders. They were all solved by an amateur detective named Jessica Fletcher. My mother liked her, but I liked the British detectives better.

Television detectives, kalos. Made Up television detectives.


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