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Facebook likes? How?


Over the last few days I began to notice that the Likes section in my facebook has likes that I didn't like, so to speak. I began to worry that my computer is compromised. I have checked every device* including android phone that I have with one or more of Malwarebytes, Avast and ESET online scanner. After seeing that they are clean (hoping so after using the aforementioned tools) I used the Linux machine to change my facebook password and made sure that I am logged out of Facebook everywhere. One day after doing that I log in again and noticed one of such likes again. After a bit of googling I guess I could have visited a comprised site, iframe hack(?), during that one day but I was logged out of Facebook for that day.


Any thoughts?

*Except the Linux Mint laptop

Check your Facebook apps list and remove anything you have no clue what it is or any memory of adding it. Be careful about removing site logins, lest you end up locked out of some site you really did use Facebook to login to.

You might also want to consider using Ghostery, to block Facebook stuff on external websites.

Thanks. A bit doubtful facebook apps are responsible, I had around a dozen and all except one were big, active company ones (contest entry, etc) and zero games. I removed most just in case. Will use Ghostery.


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