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create a one click pre-addressed option to send link by email from browser


OK, I know I am at the right place, so hopefully someone here already has this.  Being a knowledge "junkie" makes for tired fingers even with a computer and one thing that would be of great help would be an add-in for IE11 (preferably) to slightly modify the usual multi-click and lots of typing to be able to so one simple thing.

File, Send, link by email, which opens an outlook email with the link in it but then I have to fill in a standardized list of about 5 email addresses, add a short note as to why I thought this link would need to be revisited, then click send, and HOPE it goes out eventually.

I found out after time that the SEND button is somewhat misleading as the email does not actually go out. Not even if I have Outlook set to Send immediately.   When sending the link in this manner, the email apparently just gets loaded into the outbox and is sent the next time I open outlook,  Which isn't a big deal but annoying since when I hit SEND, I wanted it sent.

The addresses I do this for are all my own at various computer stations I work from located at more than one building and the links are usually just fortuitous finds that I happen to run across.   Adding the site to favorites on the one computer does no good since the information may relate to a job I am working on at another company.  Or even something I want to review later at home.  And the "Favorite" doesn't really do well at adding a note as to WHY I wanted to save it.

Using outlook to do the sending is also a waste in that one of the addresses in always the computer I am on at the time so I end up with two copies, one in sent and one in received.  Plus as I mentioned Outlook has always had that annoying habit of not actually sending it when you click send.  And yes, I have tried setting every possible location including perform an automatic send receive every 1 minute (which is a BAD idea when you think about it).   Worse, links sent in this manner use an "envelope" that apparently does not work with autofill so you have to type in the full address for every recipient, every time.

I have managed to beat that problem with a preprogrammed hotkey to fill in all 5 email addresses with one Alt+M but that is still more than it should take.  

While an Add-in would be nice only because I have become accustomed to the File/Send part in IE, it would probably be easier to set this whole thing up in a script using some form of code and link it to a hotkey.  The following VB script is something I have used before but would require a lot of modifications for this specific task.

--- Code: Visual Basic ---Dim mail As New MailMessage()        Dim SmtpServer As New SmtpClient("smtp.(mymailserver)")        mail.From = New MailAddress(txtid.Text)        mail.[To].Add("Email Id to"all 5 email addresses")        mail.Subject = txtsub.Text        mail.Body = txtmess.Text        mail.Attachments.Add(New Attachment(OpenFileDialog1.FileName))  <<<Here is where I need to get the IE link added        SmtpServer.Port = 587        SmtpServer.Credentials = New System.Net.NetworkCredential(txtid.Text, txtpass.Text)        SmtpServer.EnableSsl = True        SmtpServer.Send(mail)        mail.From = New MailAddress(txtid.Text)        MsgBox("E-mail Has Been Send Successfully !")
While it could probably be modified to activate from a hotkey and it can be preaddressed the attachment I need to add would be the link to the page the browser is on.

I also have other simple batch files to essentially do the same thing but none of them is quite up to the task of capturing the hyperlink in focus at the time along with letting me add a brief reminder of what I thought it would apply to.

At some point I might even want to create a rule in outlook to capture all emails arriving like this and file them in a separate "Ideas" folder as well as keeping any that are unread with the oldest at the top of the list in that folder as most of these ideas are time sensitive dealing with problems in the immediate time frame.

I guess this amounts to a glorified reminder list but my interests are so varied that ideas that pop up while browsing are often lost if I don't make some kind of note as I find them.  and the note has to be more than a scribble on a napkin which gets tossed in the trash.

There may well already be "An App for That"  and if someone knows of one I would appreciate finding it. And if not.  I am certain someone here knows how it could be done.


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