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android remote control tool...


Just wondering if anyone here has any suggestions

I have a perfectly serviceable android handset sitting in the drawer that I would like to press into service as a remote camera (all above board, I promise).  It needs to be usable via wifi, and should give full control of the camera's controls/functionality from my PC (laptop)

The intent is to be able to take a series of relatively high speed stills, but the tools I've tried so far (airdroid, IP WebCam, DroidCam) only appear to provide video streaming or very basic control of some built in apps only.

Seems to be plenty of tools that work the wrong way round (control a pc from the handset) but not much that does what I want

Teamviewer host app for Android will supposedly do what you want, although I haven't tried it myself.  If you try it and it does work, please let us know.

Jump Desktop

Been using it for years. Works well and is frequently updated. Added bonus, you can seamlessly remote any desktop that has the agent running. Don't have to mess with firewall/router settings.

It is payware but it's worth every penny.


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