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RANT: IOS Apps scrolling and email support


Probably applies to most touch based apps out there as well.

Lately it seems apps have gone full throttle with scrolling up the wazoo to show tidbits of information per scroll page. What's wrong with edge touch to go to the next page instead of having to waste time moving your hand/finger across the screen and then having to stop the scroll just so you don't miss that info. Classic example would be the *newly* updated The Weather Channel Max. The older version you could retrieve key info one touch away from the home screen, the new version.. good grief, you have to scroll to kingdom come to get the same info. The user reviews say it all.

I have emailed some of the app devs and the read between the line response is that people like the whole scrolling experience. Umm.. respectfully, I say BS!, just means you can put more ads.. tidbit of info.. more ads.. and when you scroll users are unable to determine how many pages of ads they have just seen. For paid apps, just means endless scrolling. Yay for improved user experience! *coughs* bullshit *coughs*

The other pet peeve, help support within an app, majority of them rely on you using IOS apple email app. Would it kill them to do a simple builtin send mail within the app itself. I am sure there are a lot of people that use other email apps and not just the default.

Ok with that.. happy touchy feeling scrolling day to you all!  :D

IIRC Apple requires all email services in software on their i-devices to use Apple's supplied email subsytem. You're not allowed to have your own APIs.

Like so many things with Apple, it isn't a technical issue, it's a decision by Apple about what THEY will or will not allow. Read their iOS Developer Program License Agreement  if you want a real eye-opener. Devs who have never done anything with Apple before are often amazed just how arbitrary and capricious some of the "rules" found in that 49-page with no table of contents (last I looked) document are.

tl;dr - It's Apple's garden. You do what they say - or you don't get to play.


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