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Niklaus Wirth Birthday Symposium


Niklaus Wirth turned 80 this last February. ETH Z├╝rich organised a Niklaus Wirth Birthday Symposium to celebrate this. All the talks are available online if anyone's interested. I have to admit that I only skimmed over some of them so I can't say much about how interesting they really are. I watched Wirth's own talk though where he talks about his past career mainly, which really is a look back into the history of personal computing (well, a tiny part of it anyway).

Good Saint Nick! :Thmbsup:

He brought us Pascal!  :) Modula!  :-* And Oberon!  8)

Thx for the link. Gonna have to check it out.

He was apparently a Ph.D. advisor (?) for Martin Odersky the creator of the Scala programming language too!

So in the end, I gave up on the idea of joining Borland to write compilers, and went on instead to do a Ph.D with Niklaus Wirth, the inventor of Pascal and Modula-2, at ETH Zurich.

--- End quote ---

via "The Origins of Scala"


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