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Happy Expat:
What country are you in?
-4wd (March 09, 2014, 01:29 AM)
--- End quote ---
Sweden, so PAL should work nicely and the Ebay offer states "all cables and accessories included" crikey it's even got a nice after market carry case.

I suspect somebody is clearing out a deceased estate - or garage - and this is just "one of those old fashioned clunky cameras"

Since you're in Europe, I would specifically ask if it will play back Hi8 tapes and transfer them over Firewire .... but then if they're clearing house they may not know.

Do you have a link for the item?

PM it if you don't want those sneaky DC people to see it  :)

BTW, your computer does have a Firewire interface, right?

Happy Expat:
The spec included in the earlier post and three pictures are all that was attached to the listing. The pictures definitely show it as Hi8 compatible but as mentioned, the AV outputs didn't specifically mention Firewire. I also suspect the specification sheet is generated by Amazon. I'm keeping a very low profile on the announcement because so far, it has attracted zero interest and I'd sooner risk less than $A20 on the current asking price than create more demand.  8)

No problems, if you can get it around that price it's worth taking a gamble.

It says IEEE1394 (Firewire/iLink) in the specs, down under Connections - you may not see my modded post above so:

You do have a Firewire connection on your computer, don't you?

With the transfer via Firewire, I think Scenalyzer might fall back to scene detection since Hi8 tapes don't have the embedded timecodes of DV so you should still be able to capture with it.

But there's also a couple of other simple programs that will let you capture video via Firewire:

Most NLE programs will also capture DV without a problem, (eg. Vegas, Premiere, etc).

Happy Expat:
On the old XP box I do have firewire but not on this 8.1 machine. However, I do have five spare slots so taking the board from the old box and re-installing it here probably won't cause too much heartache.


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