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The spoiler is not available "here", but only via Preview
Paste your text ("control+v right here") between the two brackets:

[SP] =

notice how =hidden text gives the words hidden text:

hidden textcontrol+v right here

Happy Expat:
Hej på dig Curt, Google Translate eller pratar du Svenka

Happy Expat:
Vurbal, what did I do to deserve such help?
Can't say I disagree with your views on their integrity, I attempted to contact them four times and each time they asked me for my order ref "so they could verify which version I had" and never came back again. ArcSoft go one stage further and tell me that as I'm using bundled software I can "go pester the hardware supplier!" I may have been misleading about the audio quality. The EZCAP successfully downloaded from my set top box and produced decent stereo using ShowBiz 3.5, it was only when I ran into the "copy protection" problem with the camcorder and had to use 5.x with its slugged AAC CODEC that I encountered the audio problem.
All that's bye the bye though - It's my intention to get a copy of VirtualDub and then hopefully I can set it up and do the whole project all over again. Perhaps I can pick your brains when I set-up and get the optimum configuration and resolutions for any other wrinkles I create.

Happy Expat:
hidden textJust practicing - in case I somehow manage to post it!

Happy Expat:
Are there other labels associated with the spoiler?
Where do I go to learn a little more about this environment?


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