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Directory Opus 11 Released!

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That's not Lazarus's fault, though. Delphi doesn't really make a difference.
-Tuxman (September 06, 2016, 01:48 PM)
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What does that even mean?  Are you saying that Delphi doesn't do 64-bit?  Or did you mean something else?

I meant that the bad quality of the Lazarus fC is not caused by Lazarus.

I meant that the bad quality of the Lazarus fC is not caused by Lazarus.
-Tuxman (September 06, 2016, 02:28 PM)
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I understand.  That is when it happened because to move to 64 bit the developer had(due to monetary concerns) to change to Lazarus.  Since he had to write a new application he made it a bit differently.  Only to be expected.  But I had used freeCommander for so many years I like it the way it was.  I was hoping for a 64 bit implementation with no learning curve.

Afaik the x64 version is still only in beta and given out as a "thank you" to donors.  Who knows if it will ever be ready for prime time.  :)

Well, I don't know what they did exactly in this regard, but the latest Directory Opus 12.6 update (7th June, 2017) appears to have fixed my long-standing problem, whereby launching the app in the first instance could take up to a minute sometime (freezing).

There is nothing in the release history to suggest what could have been the fix. But I'm not complaining...

* Fix for crash which could occur when refreshing the folder display, opening new tabs, or renaming files in some cases.
* Fixed crash which could sometimes occur with certain command sequences in a button. (e.g. CreateFolder, then open the folder in the dual display.)
* The Filter Bar now automatically disables partial matching when a file type group is being matched. For example, grp:Archives will no longer match example.rar.jpg, even if partial matching is enabled.
* Fixed minor problem displaying some licence counts in the licence manager.
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