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XP to Windows 7 advice

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You only have to do it once to activate the product after that it works fine.
-Carol Haynes (March 04, 2014, 05:40 AM)
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Got it, thanks.


Just to clarify my earlier post, it only applied to Live and Word 2000 where it introduced problems.  Post Word 2000 the Live add-ins should work just fine.

Purely FWIW...

RE: Thunderbird... I'm a big fan of Firefox, but fear for its longevity -- things aren't going extremely well in Mozilla land. IF that sort of thing bothers you it *might* tip your decision towards Microsoft's Live.

RE: Performance... I still have XP Pro on this rig, along with 7 & 8.1. Running the same software, 8.1 can be marginally faster, I assume because of better memory handling but could of course be wrong. XP Pro is every bit as fast as 7 as long as the task doesn't need the full 8GB of RAM.

My client, who is cluelessly wedded to OE is now very happy in TB. Here is how to clone OE to TB on a new computer.

Install TB on OLD computer.
Import everything from OE to TB
Go to the TB profile folder and copy it to a thumbdrive
(Help > Troubleshooting)
Install TB on NEW computer
Go to the TB profile folder
(Help > Troubleshooting)
Delete ALL items inside the TB profile folder
Paste the contents of the thumbdrive profile folder into the now empty profile folder on the new computer
Start TB and off you go.

... how to clone OE to TB on a new computer.
-yogi22 (August 30, 2014, 06:14 AM)
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