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use your own definition of malware w Outpost 9.1!

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quote: Dear Reader, Thank you for subscribing to Agnitum Directions.

In this issue we inform you of a new product update — version 9.1, and announce our decision to cease support of Outpost product versions older than 8.0. The deadline is May 1, 2014. Besides, check out our new VB100 award on Windows 8.1!

Read on to learn more about your options.
Agnitum’s Outpost 9.1 security software enables users to formulate their own definition of malware!

We are glad to announce the availability of a version update, Outpost 9.1.

Version 9.1 specifically targets potentially unwanted applications and lets the user adjust detection criteria, so that a favorite toolbar or password recovery tool doesn’t end up in trash.

What’s new in version 9.1?

Specific targeting of Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA)

With the new update, Outpost 9.1 optimizes dramatically the detection of potentially unwanted applications PUA. (A PUA may contain adware and spyware, install third-party toolbars or dialers, or have any other unclear objectives.)

New search categories for malware and PUA

These days it’s hard to draw the line between good and evil for each and every user, so Agnitum engineers have introduced flexible antivirus search settings to address individual preferences.

The user may choose whether Outpost should detect:

*    Adware and other "gray" programs (grayware)
*    Cracks, keygens and similar software (unwanted software)
*    Commercial keyloggers, password recovery tools (riskware)
For the full list of improvements, consult Agnitum’s website:


These guys just keep the good stuff coming. My chosen course of study, and ultimately career path, requires that I have all sorts of things on my hard drive that make most security software flash alerts all over the place...which they rightly should.

These new detection settings are most welcome and allow those of us who know what we're doing to dial back the warning dialogs.

I am pleased to hear your praise, Innuendo. But now a tiny voice is nagging me, saying some one needs to be reminded that Outpost is a quite easy system to set up: This new feature is not something that has made it more difficult to use Outpost - in fact it is a feature the user won't be presented with, unless he goes searching for it. My updating from 9.0 to 9.1 didn't ask me any questions of the kind.

Well, since you brought it up I will go ahead and admit this. I upgraded to 9.1 the other day in a hurry & I didn't even know the new malware settings even existed until I read your message here.  :-[

I'm a little worried, though. Outpost is running smoothly....too smoothly. Smoothly as in as smooth as Kaspersky ran before they screwed everything up and smoothly as in how smooth NOD32 ran before they screwed everything up as well.

^yeah, I know the feeling; "this is too good to last"...
I too was very pleased with NOD32


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