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Beyond Compare v4 Open Beta

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About four years ago I was to chose between Beyond Compare from Scooter on one side, and Compare It! + Synchronize It! from Grig, ((go to, to get a discount code)), on the other side. Back then I went for Grig, this time I will go for the Scooter.

Thank you, allen, for informing!

One piece of info into the air:

If you choose the Standard Edition license, you can upgrade later to Pro for the difference in price.-Beyond Compare
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Beyond Compare is an amazing tool.
-mouser (February 28, 2014, 01:39 PM)
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Beyond that, I'd like to say that Scooter Software, has long been a model for what a good software developer should be, IMHO, providing exceptional value at a reasonable cost, excellent support and without any form of arbitrary restrictions on how the software is used.

As noted here, I've been using Beyond Compare every day for over 16 years now, and can't imagine doing without it.

It is a great tool, and with a reasonable price indeed. I've used it less since I started using SourceTree, but it's still my preferred tool for things that are not in version control :Thmbsup:.

I've used BC for many years now. though not a heavy user, it's always done for me.
if you hate the company you work for, you can them to splash out for araxis.

I'm hating to spit into the soup again, but I'm very, deeply sorry:

I'm a user of 3 Prof., and I will NOT upgrade, I'm too deeply disappointed with this sw.

First, the developers are kind people, who really try to be helpful as it gets, and who always treat you like a welcome human being, not a nuisance, after having bought, that's one BIG argument for this sw.

But then, very unfortunately, they don't do real development work for BC, in spite of MANY users asking for such development.

Let alone development into the direction of doing "file synch" - much (and brilliant) folder compare functionality is there yet, but they refrain from introducing the according automation of synching, you would have to do it all by hand - and if you use some synch sw anyway, all that elaborate comparison done within BC doesn't serve you anything.

No, let's speak of the core functionality, of text comparison. Here, two manques make this applic almost useless for me (and there would certainly be other points I forget in the meanwhile, or which I'd discover DID I ever use this applic anymore, which is not the case; I'm currently looking for something better, and no, Araxis "is NOT it", Araxis is just pleasant to look at, and overpriced for what it really does).

First, BC is unable to treat new lines as "no change", e.g.

§ 210
paragraph's text here


§ 210 - paragraph's text here

are mandatorily treated as "not identical"; this is catastrophical for re-comparing, again and again, consolidated laws from the web, with those versions / excerpts you will have downloaded into your IMS; of course, the same remark is valid for any other "new line" probs.

Second, and much worse, BC is unable to "detect" - in fact, let be "un-detected" - changes in paragraph order. Thus,

para 1

para 2

para 3

will always be detected as different from

para 2

para 1

para 3

text compounds, and even though this is a common prob for most differs, in real life, it's one of the most important features any differ should have, so the absence of BC's development here (and yes, it's a little bit complicated to conceive, but then, coding would be rather simple) is really annoying, since they force you to find something "better", i.e., in fact, something otherwise inferior BUT which offers that feature you're in absolute need of.

For all three aspects, I spoke, in length, to them, also with regards to the respective market share considerations, and even their big chances to then serve a largely extended market, far from the original market of "just" developers, for just SOME needs:

- break into the synch market

- version control (even for developers)

- contract M (lawyers, managers, every corporation out there, big or small).

No way, this version 4 - and I waited YEARS for it, so I really HAD lotsa patience with them - is a big, big disappointment.


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