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Atom - A new editor is born

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Official linux packages,

Thanks for the post!  Some items from the FAQ that might be of interest.


Why does Atom send usage data to Google Analytics?

In the same way that aggregate usage information is important when developing a web application, we've found that it's just as important for desktop applications, especially during the beta program. By knowing which Atom features are being used the most, and how the editor is performing, we can focus our development efforts in the right place. For details on what data Atom is sending or to learn how to disable metrics gathering, visit

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-wraith808 (March 03, 2014, 07:46 AM)
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The current claim appears to be that among other things a hash of the MAC address of one of the network interfaces is collected:

It's unclear whether one gets a chance to opt-out of the initial transmission.

Atom 1.0 is out


It's out after it was in. :D

Some interesting numbers here on editor latency:


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