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Atom - A new editor is born

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Cause Emacs is a decent OS, but it's editor sucks.

Atom is a decent browser and still doesn't have a good editor.

Yeah, nothing I did would make it start up with anything resembling snappiness; a trait I somewhat expect in an IDE, but certainly not a text editor.

P.S.  I don't feel personally one way or the other about Emacs, it was just a joke I found.  Possibly here.  I use nano when I'm editing in a terminal. 
Deal with it 8)

Since you're discussing other editors too, I thought I'd post a link to SynWrite's site, as no one had mentioned it. It's free and excellent. Windows only, but I've successfully used it in Linux under WINE (it was better than any Linux editor I could find!).

What does it do that Emacs doesn't?

(Except that it looks like an IDE which I don't really like.)


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