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Atom - A new editor is born

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Currently in open beta, you can get an invite by visiting
and entering your e-mail address.

Atm it's Mac only, Linux & Windows will follow.

It looks quite similar to Sublime Text and has already a large range of supporting plugins.
The core is closed source atm. Although it's not obfuscated ;)

The repository for plugins:

Multiple cursors are already supported and an experimental vim plugin is available.

Screenshots are available on the website and most of the plugins in the repository have one / several as well...

A video that shows some of it's features:

Looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the post!  Some items from the FAQ that might be of interest.

How much will Atom cost?

We haven't settled on pricing yet, but you can expect it to be competitively priced compared to similar editors.

Will Atom be open source?

We have not finalized licensing on Atom's core (nucleus?), but we're aiming for a common ground between fully-closed and fully-open. Follow @AtomEditor for additional details as they become available.

All non-core Atom packages provided by GitHub will be under the MIT license.

Why does Atom send usage data to Google Analytics?

In the same way that aggregate usage information is important when developing a web application, we've found that it's just as important for desktop applications, especially during the beta program. By knowing which Atom features are being used the most, and how the editor is performing, we can focus our development efforts in the right place. For details on what data Atom is sending or to learn how to disable metrics gathering, visit

--- End quote ---

@Wraith- is "moleware" a word?  :huh:

I think I'll just stick with Sublime. :-* Especially since I already paid for it.  ;D

Funny thing about Atom. From the way the website is talking about it, it almost seems like they're reinventing that other "everything editor" (EMACS) - except this time with a more "modern" interface.

And not a word on why they just had to call it 'Atom', like there are not already other useful things called atom >:(
nsfwPedantic pr...cks


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