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Licensing Software: Version based vs. Time-Period Based

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No... I'm trying to be obscure.  The part that I'm talking about in regards to the server actually relates to a different service that it uses to sync.  It has zero to do with the software intrinsically- it's just screwing up the sync and overwriting valid files.  Thankfully, because I'm using the sync, I could get backups.

They have a software bug in the version of the software that I have.  They released a minor point release that fixed the problem.  Because time had passed, I didn't get access to the bug fix.  This bug that (as I said) destroys data.  This bug that (as I said) was in existence for 2 months before it was fixed.  And because it was fixed after the two months... you don't give a fix?  It's not really a license for a specific version either, considering that it went across major releases.


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