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New update suggestions


Hey, just downloading everything that has been updated, and noticed that Dr. Windows (my favorite program) hasn't been!  :o So, I thought up a few ideas to maybe get an update...

1: New notification area icon (taskbar) - the current one seems too...Windows 95
2: The ability to make new dialogs right from the configuration window
3: Being able to change the fonts on the dialogs
4: Have actual 'important' things that popup (weekly or so), for example: to defragment your computer, scan for (as Windows Defender puts it) "Potentially Unwanted Software", etc.

Really hope to see an update of some sort...I love this thing!

good ideas, i think it needs a little update as well..
adding dialogs from program makes sense since it's a bit confusing.
care to design a new icon?  might be nice if we offered several to choose from..

Yea, I'll try to see if I can get MS Paint to let me make something (hopefully) better then my last attempt. Might have to try photoshop *gulp*.

Got 4 different icon ideas (done) and a new suggestion that I might send off to one of my 3D modeling buddies to see if I can get a new icon done (read part 2).

Part I: The 2 attatched files are ones I have made personally. The 1st one is a basic, "YOUR COMPUTER MAY BE INFECTED WITH WORM/DR.WINDOWS.JOKE" type of spyware-looking icon (to go with the whole joke idea behind the program). The 2nd one, however, is a horrible attempt at a 3D version of the 1st icon.  While I was thinking about 3D, I got an idea...(read below)

Part II: How about a 3D rotating icon? It would be in the tray like any other icon, but it would litterally rotate. I have a couple of friends that have amazing 3D modeling & texture skills, so if it could be done, it wouldn't take too much time (the hard part, if at all, would be animating it to rotate). I have no skills in any of these things, so I would have to give credit where credit is due for the whole thing, but if it works, looks good and it adds a nice touch, I don't mind doing a little work (or a lot), wherever I can.

Ok, sence I can't make ANYTHING in MSPaint (because I just plain stink at it), I have started something else. All the Mac users here should apreceate...(I'm assuming Dr. Windows works on Mac...)

Dr. Mac
What I did was just rename the .exe file and I am in the "editing all MS targeted jokes" stage. I couldn't get the Dr. Windows tooltip to change to Dr. Mac (when you hover over the icon on the taskbar...).

How I got the idea:
Because I am Windows XP default skin alergic, I change my shell on a monthly basis. This month I decided to go for FlyakiteOSX for my shell. That got the idea of Dr. Mac going and a whole thing about that.



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