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How do I collect a bunch of small captures in one file


I would like to capture a small section of screen.
Look around some more then capture another small section of screen
Keep doing that process and when I am ready so someplace and see all of my screen captures in one place where I can annotate them then copy the whole page or two full of small captures so I can paste them into another program.

Can I do that with this program, If so how?

Ok so, you can use SC to capture lots of images quickly (you may want to set the option for what to do after next capture to "stay minimized" so that it stays out of your way while you do).

Then the main SC interface itself will let you view all of your capture and quickly select and annotate them.

Now the last step, combining the images all on one page, you need a separate program for that (at least for now).  However I have a good easy free one to recommend, ImageGrid, written by a member of this forum.  You can download ImageGrid here:


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