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[IDEA] Book Tracking 1.1

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I posted this in another thread and was told I would get a better response here. So full copy of what I said is below.

I have always been into books. I am between 3-4000 read books so far in my life. During this time I have tried on multiple occasions to try and track down everything I have read with various levels of success.

Of the many programs out there they really do not do simple tracking very well. Some start out well and die. Some just don't have a clue. Others are kitchen sink varieties and the idea gets lost.

After using mousers epCheck program I was thinking that if something along the lines of this could be had it would be great.

Simple and basic program that can collect data from a stable website like worldcat and keep relevant information at hand.

Tabs for author, series, name, and year.

So far there is not alot out there. Many just fall short. Calibre does not come close since as you add books it gets unwieldy. Use of a spreadsheet is time consuming without out import.

I do not want online since as we have seen over the years things change or they get bought out. Or worse they go offline and all data is lost.

Dreaming but if anyone has an idea it would be great to hear of it. And I already read everything in this forum and others, so most things you might post I probably already looked and and dismissed. So I would imagine it would have to be a hard to find program. Also freeware.

I know you said you don't want online, but have you looked at Good Reads? My wife is a book nut and she loves it.

Member there as well. It is where I go most often but again dealing with the net and how things can change after a few years. Goodreads was bought by Amazon and I know from exp what happens when major companies buy a smaller successful one. It slowly gets corrupted and many times destoyed and taken offline.

It's been five years now and I thought I might try to revive this idea.

Sites have gone down during this time and having the ability to track books simply would be a nice thing to have again. Many of the programs I have tried out there are just to heavy in their idea of use. They say they are easy to use but if it takes hours to learn then it is not easy to use.

As a person who has read thousands of books over the years it would be nice to be able to track what I have read and what is newly released by an author. Website tracking is being used but I would love to get away from that as a site I liked has since went under [fictfact].

Almost another year has past since last post. Almost six since OP.

Thought I would bring this thread up again.


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