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Black Screen

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A quick search on Trusteer Rapport leads me to believe it's probably the culprit. Blocking screen capture is one of its most basic functions. It's only supposed to do that when you connect to a certain type of server, obviously, but I'd be willing to bet it's at fault here.

Stoic Joker:
A quick search on Trusteer Rapport leads me to believe it's probably the culprit.-Vurbal (February 28, 2014, 10:38 AM)
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+1 - After letting the name sink in for a bit I remembered why it sounded so familiar. After freshly deploying a network with brand new equipment. The doctor's machine started crashing randomly in the middle of just about everything. As the doctor - with reasonable credibility - was swearing to having done nothing other than go to their bank's website ... I spent the next week (or so...) with Dell's support troubleshooting a "hardware" problem.

Then there was made the most casual of offhanded comments regarding the bank's "recommended security software" that "had to be installed" (according to the popup window...) ... Before the accounts could be accessed.

So after said Trusteer Rapport was unceremoniously beaten to death with a hammer, the machine not only suddenly had a miraculous recovery...but has been running flawlessly ever since for some 3 whole years now.

And just for the purpose of belaboring the point. Here is an excerpt from a security article regarding TR from 2010 (I'm sure it's gotten worse):
In these cases, a critical legal question that often arises is whether the thieves compromised the customer’s system or that of the bank’s. I mention this because Trusteer recently built a new component into Rapport called Flashlight, which tries to give partner banks the ability to remotely check to see if their customers’ systems are infected with malicious software. Whether the banks will proactively use that feature to stop online banking fraud is unclear, but such a feature would make it tougher for small and mid-sized businesses that lose money to online bank fraud to claim that their computers weren’t the sole cause of the loss.
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Right! So it's quite literally up your ass with a flashlight for the purpose of protecting...who?

I have just un-installed Trusteer Rapport from my computer and rebooted.......and hey-presto, all is back to normal.  :Thmbsup:
In Trusteer Rapport, there is a section called "dashboard" and in there, is a section called Screenshots, which should give the total number of screen shots that Trusteer blocked, the total number given that was blocked is zero!

Many thanks to all who participated in solving this problem.

It's great to see when people work together to solve a problem and don't give up -- you can be sure someone else who has a similar problem will stumble across this thread at some point, and it will save them some time and hassle.


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