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Disable notification sends to SC tray icon?


I setup my TaskBar (under 64bit Win 7) so that it hides automatically after 2-3 seconds.

Now when I capture e.g. an active window with SC then SC sends an internal windows notification message to its TrayIcon.
This in turn causes the TaskBar to automatically re-appear.

I don't want a re-show.

Is there an option to turn off internal SC notification messages?

Greenshot capture tool e.g. offers such an option

uncheck the following option, "Filename Balloon Tip in Tray" in Preferences > Post-Capture Options.


It's worth going through the all options to see what is possible.

Here it's set to no popup and play capture sound - so I'm sure it worked - mind you, I've never had any trouble with it not working ;-)

I should probably turn off that tray message by default, as it's not very useful.


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