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DeskRule: A new kind of desktop search engine is born (ß testers wanted)

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It's an interesting idea - especially for photos (for me anyways).
The interface might just scare me off (video), it seems to me to be so fundamentally geeky and unintuitive. I can say that - but unfortunately I dont have any talent in the direction of offering/suggesting alternatives...
-tomos (February 23, 2014, 12:43 PM)
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Interesting, yes. I thought it was quite nifty for photos too, though I use Picasa for managing my photos, because no IMT (Image Management Tool) that I have so far come across does all that face-recognition and searching of image file metadata so well - e.g., the camera type and its settings that took a photo of a specific person at a certain GPS on a certain date.

And though this DeskRule looks interesting, I have yet to find anything that quite matches the GDS (Google Desktop Search), which, before they started crippling it and then killed it off, had automated search to cover:

* files/directories across your desktop;
* files/directories in any connected LANs;
* Google Docs (now Google Drive).
- so that they effectively comprised one huge virtual desktop (which, IMHO is as it should be).

...I have to say though, in situations where I need to search on more specific metadata than what the filesystem offers, I often have domain-specific software that handles this better.
-Jibz (February 23, 2014, 05:02 PM)
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Yes, likewise - e.g., as per my comment above about image files in Picasa, or my comments elsewhere on DCF re searching for words/phrases in audio files using OneNote's search (which is also integrated with Windows Search/Index).

By the way, I just put a comment on the DeskRule forum: blog: here's deskrule, a new kind of desktop search engine
@nikos: Yes, it all helps. I would suggest that you check that DC (donationcoder) discussion forum for comments yourself, as the people making those comments will not necessarily put their comments in this forum of yours. Thus, you could miss seeing them altogether, if you didn't check the DC forum.

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thanks for the feedback everybody. I understand that the GUI as it is is very "geeky" but that's just testing the underlying search engine. In the final version there will be another search mode (probably simple/advanced tab somewhere) that will be more easy to operate (minus the flexibility of course)

Stoic Joker:
The interface might just scare me off (video), it seems to me to be so fundamentally geeky and unintuitive.-tomos (February 23, 2014, 12:43 PM)
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I actually liked the interface. But then again I'm rather into the minimalist design concept. I was however a bit surprised to see Vanessa was completely nude in the video...but if it was good enough for god, then I guess it's okay with me too. ;)

Given its (500KB) size and the implication that it can be run without an install - perhaps portably - I think this thing has a brilliant future in forensics.

For the rest, the line 'Some 300 Windows unique system properties' should these days be a real attention getter. If one had interest in wanting to know just how much of what kind of story their file system would tell if it happened to fall prey to an intense interrogation of some kind.


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