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The first Lotus motorcycle



Stoic Joker: (February 22, 2014, 04:23 AM)
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Now that looks like a good time. Bummer they didn't have a shot with the body panels off and give us a look at the engine. I'd like to see if the went with a Harley-esq 45deg V, or a more Ducati like 90deg V for the engine layout (I'm guessing the latter).

For the real thing (concept), look at this:

And a short explanation from Parker Brothers Choppers Inc. on how they plan to build the concept:

But the Lotus bike looks nice too  :Thmbsup:

Stoic Joker:
While I've seen a lot of Tron replica bikes, I've yet to see one that was safe to take over parking lot speeds. Now if they'll show one of these things doing 100mph+ Then (and only then) I'll say they've freaking nailed it.

So my vote goes to Giampy and the Lotus because while it isn't the most faithful will obviously do the work. The rest are just show pony/trailer puppies that only look cool, aren't even slightly practical, and aren't stable enough to make it to the corner store without making you shit your pants.

You are totally right. The website of Parker Brothers is very basic, but they have a project Neutron (which looks very much like the Tron bike) that apparently is able to do all of what you want, but with only text and a static picture of the bike...who could tell?

A Tron bike is a typical example of an object where function follows design. Beautiful uselessness.


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