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REQ: HTPC Util - Move tv shows older than 24 hours to external HD

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The RegEx capabilities in my File Punter app could probably accomplish what you want.
-skwire (February 22, 2014, 01:56 AM)
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well this is handy! the software i mentioned can't really do these things, especially the finding of certain files and dynamically creating new folders based on stuff.  nice, as always.

The program is remarkable and I'm sure will eventually do everything I wanted.  Unfortunately I feel like a dog trying to learn trigonometry when it comes to regex...will have to spend some time learning it online but will get there eventually.

RegEx can be daunting, for sure, so I'm happy to help with some examples to get you started.  Just say the word...   :)

Well using the sample filenames above I did some googling and found a sample regex of

"^((?<series_name>.+?)[. _-]+)?s(?<season_num>\d+)[. _-]*e(?<ep_num>\d+)(([. _-]*e|-)(?<extra_ep_num>(?!(1080|720)[pi])\d+))*[. _-]*((?<extra_info>.+?)((?<![. _-])-(?<release_group>[^-]+))?)?$"

I however have no idea how to convert that so that c:\fromdir\Showname.S01E01.whatever.mp4 ends up in c:\todir\Showname\
I see the box that is checkng for . _ or - before sxxexx but after that I feel like Vanna White when nobody gets a letter.  :tellme:

In the program page I see it referencing c:\tmp\??1 without understanding where it's getting the value for ??1 from.

I'm referring to this pic:

I'll make you a screencast.   :)
* skwire watches mouser faint...


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