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Windows moving around after monitors wake up

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Another thread with people crying for solution:
-mouser (February 09, 2017, 08:13 PM)
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Hmm, having looked at that thread, maybe I should install the drivers for the newer HP monitors at my work where I experience this problem. As I said, I don't have this problem with the older LG monitors at home (for which I do have drivers installed).

So in my case it's definitely not about whether it's DisplayPort or VGA because I use the same connectors in both places. The only difference is the brand and age of the monitors and the fact that I haven't installed the drivers for the monitors at work. Otherwise it's the same laptop with the same Win 7, 64-bit, same hardware, same everything.

A new superuser post on the issue, but with no solution:

I am having a problem on my Win7 machine that I never had on my XP machine.

I have 4 monitors.   Overnight the monitors (not the computer) go to sleep.

When they wake up, some of the windows that were open on the desktop jump/move around to different monitors and resize.

It's really quite annoying.

Windows 7, Nvidia modern graphics cards with up to date drivers.

Any ideas how I might stop this from happening? Short of turning off the monitor sleep power options?
-mouser (February 20, 2014, 03:12 AM)
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i have now six monitors as commented in one of our posts.
I was talking with an Asus technician until boring.
The thing seems to be a limit in the operating system or something like that.

I have the problem when the pc goes into suspend state.
I am using the utility don't sleep.

The "thing" is no finished yet. I download the utility Sleeper because the Asus Technician told me about the diffente ways or modes to suspend.

This was a month ago. Now I usually don't suspend the pc for not "lose" any monitor. I can lose 2, 4 or the 6 and need to reinitiate after any hybernation/suspension.

I don't know.
Perhaps an answer may be change the options for sleeping.

Sleeper utility may help. Running to link...

I will answer in a few days to Asus because they put me two links (one with the microsoft list of suspended and hybernations states s0 to s5) (supposing i am a clever man) with the passmark link to test the possibilities.
I have done nothing until the moment.


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