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Windows moving around after monitors wake up

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DesktopOK ? and WiLMa ?

DesktopOk looks like it's icons only.. WilMa looks interesting and powerful, though probably overly complex for what I'm interested in..
But hopefully there is something..

Hopefully we can find an existing program that already does this, but if not, the task can be broken up into 2 parts:

1. Code that detects when monitors are about to be put to sleep and saves last state (position, size maximization, etc.) of current windows (or alternatively simply saves them regularly).
2. Code that detects when monitors come out of sleep, and restores these positions/sizes/etc. after they FULLY wake up.
3. Code that can save and restore window states easily and without user interaction/configuration.

Another list of programs that do this kind of thing:

Another thread with people crying for solution:


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