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Windows moving around after monitors wake up

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I am having a problem on my Win7 machine that I never had on my XP machine.

I have 4 monitors.   Overnight the monitors (not the computer) go to sleep.

When they wake up, some of the windows that were open on the desktop jump/move around to different monitors and resize.

It's really quite annoying.

Windows 7, Nvidia modern graphics cards with up to date drivers.

Any ideas how I might stop this from happening? Short of turning off the monitor sleep power options?

How are the monitors connected to the computer? HDMI, DP, DVI, VGA?

all dvi, except one displayport.

Well, with modern display-drivers and screens, it seems the entire display is inhibited when in standby/off, and Windows shakes/resizes all it's visible windows to the last, or the primary, awake monitor it still sees. And also resets the other virtual screens to something like 640x480 pixels.
I see this behavior on my dual-DP setup, where I leave the (work) computer running overnight, but turn off the screens to preserve some power. Any window I leave open is moved and resized to the left-upper 640x480 of my primary monitor :(
My current solution is to close all (well, almost all) applications, auto-saving their last window-positions and sizes, and re-opening them the next morning. Exceptions here are Outlook, that I minimize to the tray by default, and other trayed apps like SSC, that aren't affected, unless I forget to minimize them.

Haven't found a solution, other than to minimize all windows to the system-tray, to avoid this behavior. But, I haven't yet done a thorough search for this either :-[

FWIW, I run dual monitors and I DON'T experience this behaviour.  W7/64


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