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Processing Delays!?

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Process Monitor can also show a good deal of useful real time information including file system, registry, and detailed thread activity.

In both Process Explorer an Process Hacker, keep an eye out for the entry called 'Interrupts'.

This value should always be as low as possible, preferably not exceeding 1 to 2% even when doing a lot of reading/writing to disk. Because if it does, it is the first precursor of your drive failing. This is closely related for making Windows 'pause' without apparent reason.
-Shades (February 19, 2014, 04:59 AM)
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found this in the Process Explorer help:

Interrupts and DPCs
On Windows NT-based systems Process Explorer shows two artificial processes: Interrupts and DPCs. These processes reflect the amount of time the system spends servicing hardware interrupts and Deferred Procedure Calls (DPCs), respectively. High CPU consumption by these activities can indicate a hardware problem or device driver bug. To see the total number of interrupts and DPCs executed since the system booted add the Context Switch column. Another sometimes useful metric is the number of interrupts and DPCs generated per refresh interval, which you see when you add the CSwitches Delta column.
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