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ASUS routers hacked


Hot on the heels of the Linksys router malware revelation, comes news that ASUS routers have been hacked, making the content of any attached drives available across the Internet, among other things. 

Supposedly, this has been known for a number of months, but ASUS has just admitted to the breach and has posted new firmware for the affected models.

Thanks for the heads up.  I run Tomato firmware on mine, so I'll assume I'm not in danger.   :Thmbsup:

Thanks for the heads up  :up:
Firmware updated painlessly (though I do not have attached usb drives on my router so i'm not at risk).

Someone posted a list of working FTPs on pastebin- if you have an asus router, you want to check to see if your IP is present.

UPDATE: Deleted the list- not sure if it's best to have a direct link.  Instead, go to and search for your IP.  If it's present in one of those lists, it should come up (just tested this).

After recent revelations about how many routers (not just ASUS) can be easily hacked to gain access to wireless networks, ASUS has just released new firmware for the RT-N66U (which I have) and others in their product line that closes the infosrvr and cross-site request forgery vulnerabilities.

Whatever your router make, it's a good idea to check for firmware that addresses these issues.


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