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My Initial Impressions of The Elder Scrolls Online


Full impressions on my site, but summary and conclusions:

As of yet, I’ve only been able to get to level 9, so no PvP for me.  There’s also things that if I were paying, I’d be annoyed by.  But I do know that I’ve pre-ordered the game, based purely on my beta experiences, as I hadn’t really had a plan to be in day one before I played.  After each beta experience, it left me thirsting for more.  And I was really interested in seeing where I could take the character.

--- End quote ---

Did they lift the NDA?

Edit: Seems so:


As you found out... yes they did, or I wouldn't have posted that.  Had it in my back pocket for a while waiting on the NDA to drop.  And they do take it seriously... had a friend that had his son decide to try out his beta... and he livestreamed it on youtube.  My friend found out later when the next beta came around and tried to get in and didn't know what his son had done.

thanks for the write-up! was keen to get into the beta but was held up by the 30GB download.


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