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What the Heck is Happening to Windows? Article on Windows 8 Disaster

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I...My wife and I must stand alone as two people who thoroughly enjoys Windows 8.1...
-Josh (February 17, 2014, 10:36 AM)
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My son loves it.  He has W7 on his school computer, and w8 on his laptop... he's never on his school computer anymore and gets around it it very adroitly with no help from me, I might add.  I think it's a matter of what you're used to.  And MS tried to force it on people- and some just didn't want to go.  They could have avoided the whole debacle by having an option to boot to the desktop, and use the classic start menu.  They've done it before... when they introduced the wider start menu we have now, you could change it to classic.

I actually did worry a bit, but didn't hesitate to flatten Win7 and install Win8 on the new workstation I just got here at the office. I'm also not having any trouble using it. There are a few things that aren't where I expect/remember them to be, but search works just fine.
-Stoic Joker (February 17, 2014, 07:56 AM)
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Yup! Once I started using <search> and stopped worrying about it, Win8 was fine for day to day use. Same went for W2k12 server. Search was the key to the kingdom. Maybe it's not ideal - from my perspective. But certainly doable.

I...My wife and I must stand alone as two people who thoroughly enjoys Windows 8.1...
-Josh (February 17, 2014, 10:36 AM)
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You may just be right! ;D :P

Personally, this reminds of when Windows XP first hit the streets and everybody swore up and down that it was a terrible, no-good OS with a horrible "kindergarten GUI". Look at it now, we can't get rid of the friggin OS. I, for one, enjoy the metro start screen (although I boot to desktop). The start screen is actually fairly intuitive and allows me to hide unnecessary clutter caused by menu after menu of new program folders. Heck, I never used the all programs menu in vista/7 with the type to search feature.

@Tao - you could just save time and load Win7 today and be done with it.

Seriously, how much more does anybody really need an OS to do that isn't already being handled (quite well) by Windows 7. Or Linux Mint 16 too for that matter - if you don't need specific Windows apps.

Mint is my goto productivity environment. And I also keep a Win 7 environment for those times when my own needs dictate it must be used. That's my current path. Get something that works today - that will still be supported for the reasonably foreseeable future - and not waste time trying to second guess what Microsoft will eventually do. First, because the thrill is gone. And secondly, because that way madness lies.
-40hz (February 16, 2014, 08:07 PM)
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Hmm, a couple of points here -
First, I do indeed need Windows apps, everything from DC stuff here to MyInfo and more.

But part of it all was conceptual. Win 7 will "always be there" as an option. But first, I recall seeing MS's new support policy being about "only supporting two editions back". So if they follow that aggressively, then we'll see the same drop in support for Win 7 in a couple of years that we now see for XP.

But also I really do want to see what they officially decide for Win 9 from the conceptual point. Metro/etc is "baked" pretty hard into Win 8. And Win 9 will be the first new edition of Windows with that new CEO at the helm, without Steve Ballmer or Steve Sinofsky. And it will indeed be the close of that ten year plan when I built my project machine to purposely wait out the intervening years' worth of bad decisions by MS. So maybe the "thrill" is gone but I really do feel that Win 9 will be important as "the Post Win-8 World".

Meanwhile Paul Thurott is a Microsoft "Apologist", so when he decides to say something against MS, it usually means other people have been saying it first. Meanwhile his conclusion that Win 9 should "focus on productivity" is a lot of what I was saying elsewhere above about "lean and mean".


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