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Windows 8 Pro

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Not sure whether this might be of use/help:
...Then, a couple of days ago, I decided to try and upgrade from Win 8.1 to Win 8.1 PRO (Professional). I wanted to use an unused licence for a Win8 PRO upgrade that I had previously purchased for about US$40 whilst it was just coming to the end of its "special offer" period, back in January 2014 when I was using Win7-64 Home Premium.
So I did some searching and came up with this very helpful post from October 29, 2013 which covered my case almost exactly: Easily Change Windows 8.1 Edition Without Reinstalling.

I followed the steps in that post, and to my great relief the upgrade was painless - it all took place without hitch in about 15 minutes elapsed time, including download and 2 auto-reboots. I then spent 30 minutes migrating/installing other software from my old Win7 disk, including the latest version of W7FC (Windows 7 Firewall Control) - for which I have a paid licence. The W7FC was a bit tedious, as it had to be taught all the rules for the programs as they were run.
I have come to the tentative conclusion that W7FC could well be redundant on the Win8 OS. (Some people may think it was redundant for Win7 too.)

So far I am very pleased with Win8.1 PRO.
If anything, it is/feels faster than the preceding Win8.1 version.
The UI is a bit different/slightly improved, but I still dislike certain aspects of it. I may set about fixing that to something that suits me better, now that the system has arrived at a stable end-point.
I shall now set about exploring the extra functionality that Win8.1-64 PRO offers, to see what use I can make of it.
-IainB (July 11, 2014, 05:58 AM)
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Dear Cuffy, I welcome your help.
-BCHOWDHURY (July 21, 2014, 09:44 AM)
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OK, I'll see what I can dig up.
In the words of Dr. Verner von Braun, the rocket scientist, "before we can get where where we ain't, we gotta know where we IS!

I downloaded the media and burned an ISO to install the original offering of Win8.0.
Recapping from memory here, that offering for $40 bucks was an upgrade version. I had a copy of Win7Pro 64 on the machine that I wanted to install Win8.0Pro 64 onto and I didn't want to lose that copy of Win7.
I pulled the drive, installed a spare, installed a copy of WinXP 64 on that  and downloaded the Win8 ISO media, along with the free key to install Windows Media Center.
With the new ISO I upgraded WinXP to Win8.0 and activated it.
I then installed Windows Media Center through the Windows Features thingy and using my free WMC key I activated that.
The WMC key changed the Win8.0 key and that DE-activated my Win8.0 install.
The deactivation problem was wide spread and a big fiasco. In the process of trying to get all the keys straightened out the update to Win8.1 was offered at the Windows Store and installing that trashed my install of Win8.0 /WMC.
Eventually Nirsoft's Produkey plucked my keys out of that trashed install so I again had valid keys to work with.
Now the ISOs to start over came into the picture so let me start there and see if I can determine where I got the media and we can go from there if we are still on the same page.
What media do you have and are you prepared to download what you need (if I can find the source that I used)?
talk to me while I look through my miscellaneous file of a TB or so....

OK, guess I got back before you did but here's a link on how to get a copy of the ISO to upgrade Win8.0 to Win8.1 without using Windows Store. Burn it to DVD or a flash drive and you have a hard copy that you can use as often as you like.


Thanks for the link, Cuffy.

You're welcome.
Follow those instructions closely and you should be up and running with Win8.1 in no time.
Let us know how you make out.


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