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trying to combine antiviruses and firewalls

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ps. For those looking for fine-granularity control, this combination firewall+antivirus looks very promising and is in the same class as Eset, Outpost, and Comodo:
-mouser (February 15, 2014, 07:01 PM)
--- End quote ---

I am not sure if can coexist with avast.
so trying the free version.
I will comment

trying coexist

I received this window

Outpost Security Suite 7.1 Free Setup
Incompatible Products Detected
Outpost Security Suite has detected components on your computer that can belong to the following
third-party security products. Please confirm that you have ínstalled these producís ín order to provide
a smooth coexistence of security products from different vendors. If you haven't installed the product,
clear the check box by its name.
avast! Antivirus
Note: Please note that some of the listed components may belong to licensed products.

I decided to continue and after disable one of them. .....


Now offer me a manual configuration ...  :-[

Perform Compatibilíty Actions
To provide compatibility with detected third-party products, the following actions need to be performed
manually. Perform all the required operations, set the Done status by dicking each link and continue the
Add product installation folder to avastlAntivirus Exclusions         ............... Not done
After product installation, please add its installabon folder to avast! Antivirus File System Shield Exclusions.

ejem. I will try install in portable mode. Obviously is not portable in this case.....


When the "Not done" legend appear click to convert in done.

I create a restore point, but the program creates its own point.
Is not a good portable and writes in c:\windows.
Need windows services.
Seems hangs when installing


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