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MsgTag down?

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Hi, Msgtag server seems to went down last week, and support is not responding. It's quite a good system but this is annoying. Is there an alternative, or something I can host myself?

They've gone down before, seemingly disappeared, then re-emerged.  I don't know if that will be the case this time.  Self-hosted would be nice.  I don't know of one though.

A couple of alternatives that I'm looking at:

Thanks. I looked at them, and they don't have the dashboard system. That is something I like about msgtag.

Maybe I should build my own... if only I had time.

If you do come up with your own - I'd be keen to donate to have it for myself...

I too have been a long time fan of MsgTag - but they now seem to be finally dead...

Edit: Since 2006.

Same problem. I am using it since year 2005 and really need MSGTAG to come back, or to find a replacement for it.


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