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MsgTag down?

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All is up again...

I too have seen the service disappear, the servers are not responding, let's hope it is temporary. I have been using it for years and it works for me.

I have searched around and the only one that comes close is 'Contact Monkey'. It's a sales tool but having downloaded the free version (100 per month) to try it out, it seems to work well. I have it as an add-in on Outlook 2010 and it produces a dashboard to give your the tracking information. The key, is to set it to give you all notifications rather than multiple clicks and or links followed. The advice is to create emails in HTML as text only is not guaranteed. I have yet to try a reply to a text email but I am hoping it will work if I include a small image in with the signature.

If you go over the 100 emails sent and tracked per month then you pay a few dollars, each month, too make it unlimited.

On offer also is a version for Gmail which I have not tried.

The web site:

they are back online, so it looks like I don't have to implement it. Is there one with image or link tracking as well?

As far as I can gather there has to be an image, or the email in HTML, (I am guessing if the email is text only then placing an image would require it to be sent in HTML anyway) for the tracking to be successful, and again, link tracking is also tracked i.e. you get a report if a link within your email is clicked. The main track will also tell you how many times the email has been opened.

Good to hear MSGTAG is back, I will see if I can log on; if I go back I will keep Contact monkey ready in the background.

Unfortunately I don't use outlook or gmail, so I'm prefer a standalone dashboard like mgstag.


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