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PC Audio Enhancers

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BTW, I tried SRS yesterday & it sucked. The audio coming out naturally without any enhancer sounded better & louder than with SRS.  :down:

Most of the enhancers do this. First reduce the quality of the audio & then when you switch on the program, it just raises the quality up a little. The natural audio seems to be better than the "enhanced" audio.

From the ones I heard, I liked Soundpimp the best. However it comes at a cost of 52 USD last time I checked. DFX is also good, this one I am currently trialling. This one is a lot cheaper and its a simple interface works for me. Now if you have lots of time and money on your hands: More time than money? Try these:  Sound amplification ( scroll a bit down for the post that is marked as the answer. This post contains links to a website with very interesting software and commercial virtual cable software.  You could use this free/donationware alternative virtual cable software.-Shades (February 16, 2014, 09:21 AM)
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^wow, Shades, your answer is really thorough!  
Especially the superuser answer "13" is a must read  :up:

8. AstoundSound Expander:

Nice! Buy link leads here:

The following products you are attempting to purchase are no longer sold through our service, or are in the process of being setup for ordering.
Below is the last known contact information regarding the products. You may want to visit the developer's website or write an email for updated info on purchasing.
AstoundSound Expander for Windows
Email: [email protected]

Are they in transition period?


-but private people are not their target:

The AstoundSound technology is embedded within your Gaming or CE products, providing an amazing, true-to-life sound experience for your customers.
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