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ScreenShot Captor is a Mess

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mouser and tomos:

You're far too gracious. Just ban this rude, profane, semi-literate ("re-leaves stress") person from the forum.

You could've just said gracious bastard you douche bag. The way I look at it is that your no better you gracious prick, see I can do that too.

everyone cool your jets.

as i've said before, i'm prone to fly into fits of rage at other software that frustrates me, so it's impossible for me to get mad at others for venting their software rage if they experience it using one of my apps.

Installed the Portable version never change a setting Pressed Alt + PrtScr and there's small black lines around the image when paste in WordPerfect X6 or IrfanView sure using black for the background you don't see it and the image looks really clean, changing it to any other color and you'll see the black lines around the image and corners. Make's it look square and not around has it should be with Aero glass enabled or disabled.


See the black lines around the image making it look square with the corners black, besides that the app is great I just want to remove those black lines.


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