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Trying to optimise AutoHotKey in my language translation work


Posting on Donation Coder 07 February 2014


This is the content of an email I tried to send to Rajat.
The email address was not recognized.
It shows what I am trying to do with AutoHotkey in a particular project.

Who I am.

Let me begin by saying that my mother tongue is English and that I live in
Germany. I am a writer and not a programmer.
I have designed and have operational a "Framework" to support the texts
that I write in English being translated by me into German.
A version operates also in the reverse order.

My use of AutoHotKey.

My Attempts to use AutoHotKey to create List View and tabbed scripts with
SmartGuiCreator are constantly unsuccessful.
I am failing to get my scripts operational for the work I do and have done.

My workspace concept.

Frameworks are not programmed but based on a set of rules to aid translation.
I write in five languages. English German French Spanish and Italian.
Only the first two work together on the basis of the support framework.
This is because of a certain affinity between the sentence structures,
that I understand and have used in the framework rules.
The other three foreign languages have the English texts translated on a
simple sequence process using my dictionary.

What I have created is unique in the world of linguistics. Most who use
English, do it unsuccessfully. They will be able to profit from what I have
done an am still further developing
I am writing a framework to write English correctly.
It is also not programmed but uses a notation database.
It has a rules set on how to write English text correctly.

The English & German uses of the Framework, I will support with list views
for both tabulated translations and a language dictionary. Both object sets
are created using CSV file structures. SnapDB given that it provides UTF and
could be used in an AutoHotKey  list view would be an excellent solution.
For the English to French, Spanish and Italian translations I will also use, but
in a simpler form, tabulated translations and language dictionaries.

In addition to using Listviews I would also like use a tabbed file script for
translations. It will also emanate from the SmartGui product

The concept would allow me to offer my customer base excellent compiled
material showing how to translate. I hope that it could also allow to use of
eBook readers.

I will initially not give customers the rule sets for the translation support,
because they are Copyrighted in my name, but I will subsequently make
them freely available across the market.

The documentation I produce, is sold but at low prices and the income
generated is mostly given to charities.

Now if you provide me with help to get my scripts, (they are not complex)
operational, I will provide you and your community with descriptive material
which is closer to an IDE orientation than what is available today.
I hope that you will come to an agreement with me on the proposition.

I wish kind regards and a nice day, patrickforkin.


Quite naturally, I'm very interested in this type of projects. Unfortunately, your,

"Most who use English, do it unsuccessfully."

applies to yourself, and for a native speaking English writer, that's hard to beat.

Perhaps you should not write in 5 languages but in 3 only, like I do? It's all about preserving that at least your native language continues to sound right. (For the really gifted, even 10 tongues might not be a prob, but that's not us, obviously.)

Just my 2 cents.


As for AHK's ListView, there are some alternatives available within the AHK framework, written by excellent programmers. But then, I don't see the necessity for any list views here, it would all be about text processing by replace functions, and for this, heavy duty, AHK is not ideal to begin with. And then, translation tools have been on the market for a very long time now, and with astonishing little success, results-wise: So, before speaking of most income being given to charity, and before some programmer willing to script the needed function set for free, there should be some evidence why, all the more so with very little scripting work said to be necessary, the product would be able to surpass what sw houses with sometimes big manpower have tried to succeed in, more or less in vain.

Just my 2 cents, again.


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