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Photos that spontaneously change

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Hi all.  :(
I am stressed because of a drawback that bothers me for many months.   >:(

I download many photos from Internet, then I fine-tune them with regard to brightness, contrast, colors, etc...
They become almost perfect.

After some months I find out that several photos are spontaneously changed. They are darker and reddish. I must fine-tune them again.

I am just irritated.

- PC and monitor are always the same
- such drawback happens with certain photos only. Anything else in my PC is perfect
- my PC is free from any malware
- those photos appear changed even if I start my PC by an external operating system (on an USB key)

I don't succeed in finding an explanation.
It seems that someone enters in my PC and changes those photos... Is this hypothesis so absurd?

Can you find an explanation to my drawback?

Where did you get the photos?  Is there a common denominator?

no one is sneaking into your pc and adjusting the contrast of your photos  :P

try some steps to figure out the problem:

Make your changes, then close the files, then reopen them.  were the changes saved? ok then rmake copies and ename them and zip them and file them away somewhere.
Next time you find they look different, go check out your zipped archive and compare -- have the files changed or not?

As Miles says, share some specific download links, so we can try it on our systems....

I wonder, are you saving them as .JPEG?  Try saving as .png and see if it still happens.  (I'm not an expert, but I think jpeg will "compress" your picture, whereas png is "lossless.")

It would be interesting if they were all downloaded from the same place.  The old sneaky single pixel image hidden in an email comes to mind.  Although one would think it should be difficult to just come into the PC and play with the images.  Even if the sneak knew your IP how would he know the image file location?  Unless it somehow "called home."

The other thing I'm thinking if the pics are layered then maybe something in the system is used to set the base layer value somehow.  But I don't know enough about layered images etc..


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