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Photos that spontaneously change

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Did you check the pictures in the exact same light, on the same time a year, and at the same time of the day, as at the first look? Are you certain that your eyes and the monitor screen is in the exact same angle now, as then? Have your sight changed? Were any of your indoor light bulbs changed? It really does matter! All of it.

Where did you get the photos?  Is there a common denominator?
It would be interesting if they were all downloaded from the same place-MilesAhead (February 13, 2014, 10:26 AM)
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The drawback affects photos downloaded from different websites

Although one would think it should be difficult to just come into the PC and play with the images.  Even if the sneak knew your IP how would he know the image file location?  Unless it somehow "called home."-MilesAhead
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I don't know.
As far as I know Jpg files may include code, though no security progam has detected it in my photos. Such code could communicate with someone outside my PC. I don't know how much this hypothesis is credible.

Dang it! The Secret Photo Contrast Cartel has been exposed! Must move on to other dastardly deeds now that the truth is out :>

But seriously, Google Picasa has bitten me a few times when I don't actually save the photo changes. A week or so ago I cropped about 40 pictures but did not do the final save properly and the photos reverted back to the originals somehow.

Not sure what I did exactly. I am happy for Picasa to make backups, just wish it finalized the saves quicker.

make copies and ename them and zip them and file them away somewhere.
Next time you find they look different, go check out your zipped archive and compare -- have the files changed or not?
-mouser (February 13, 2014, 10:17 AM)
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Excellent trick, but I have already applied it. I am waiting for the next changes of my photos. If they will happen again, I will open that Zip to control the differences.

I remember you posting about this before - it is a weird one - you were even saying you could see the images change sometimes. Makes me think hardware (monitor) issues.

What are you using to make the changes to the images - some software e.g. Picasa by default only save the changes *within* Picasa AFAIK (unless you actively save the changes to the file as pl5bnsf says.

Here, found it:
Images unexplainably changed


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