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The Best Security Suites (2013/2014)

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The free version of Agnite can coexist with Avast! free ?
I would like give a try because of my latest security events.

ps. For those looking for fine-granularity control, this combination firewall+antivirus looks very promising and is in the same class as Eset, Outpost, and Comodo:

One of the nice things about Agnitum is that it can be used as a firewall only, so you can combine it with a different antivirus -- which might make sense since i'm not sure what the caliber of Agnitum's antivirus engine is.

However, I'm confused about Agnitum's free offering -- I wish someone would explain that to me -- how it compares to the full one.

Agnitum has a free-vs-pro comparison here:

I'm not sure what "safe web surfing" or "ID theft prevention" are exactly (and I'm an Outpost user), but they don't seem like core AV or firewall functionality. So I think the key thing that the paid version has over the free is "priority update".

The very low impact numbers given for Webroot SecureAnywhere has me considering taking a look at that. And I have a lifetime license for Agnitum and hate trying out anti-malware.

Also - it looks like the free version of Agnitum's suite is at 7.1.1 while the paid version is at 9.0.  I don't know if the version numbers between the free suite and the paid suite necessarily correspond with each other (ie., does that mean that the free version uses the same basic technology as the 7.x version of the paid suite used?), but that's my assumption at this point unless someone corrects me.


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