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The Best Security Suites (2013/2014)

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PC Magazine writer Neil Rubenking wrote a massive and very useful review of security suites (antivirus + firewall) for PC Magazine recently, with ratings and detailed observations.

The chart below summarizes our findings for three dozen current security suites, highlighting overall scores and category scores of 4.0 stars or better. It's easy to see that some products earned high scores in all or nearly all the categories, while others got just a few high scores.
--- End quote ---,2817,2369749,00.asp

I may not agree with everything written but it's darn useful.  See also some newer PC mag security reviews that came out after the roundup here.
See also:

I tend to shy away from the suites on my personal PC since they often include things I don't want or have the patience for. I'm running Bitdefender AV Plus on almost everything I have using Windows right now and I'm happy with the performance and protection level it provides. They also provide a free version with fewer options and capabilities that still offers excellent protection for people who are short on cash. Download page for that here. If you're running Microsoft Security Essentials, Bitdefender AV Free  is a very good alternative. It's literally "set & forget."

FWIW I'm also boycotting anything from AVG (and badmouthing them every chance I get :mrgreen:) because of the hamfisted way they pulled CrossLoop off the market. :nono2:

I am of course disappointed that without any explanation, Agnitum Outpost Security Suite Pro was not tested. To me this is like saying twenty years ago, we have tested for the safest car in the world, without even mentioning Volvo.

Neil actually did go review Outpost after this initial roundup, here:,2817,2430088,00.asp
And a couple more here:,2806,1639159,00.asp

While I don't agree with all of the conclusions, there are lots of interesting charts in the roundup, this one I found particularly useful:,1871,iid=392519,00.asp

It shows the impact on performance when running the different tools (explanation here).


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