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The Best Security Suites (2013/2014)

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Would say Eset ESS but it does require I would recommend a relatively modern cpu.

Any flavor/generation of i3/i5/i7 or even core 2 duo will work fine.

Wouldn't recommend anything lower than core 2 duo though because it will initially chug starting up with windows, but once started it's fine.

ESS v6 and v7 have been pretty zippy and stable.

For what it's worth -- I've been a long time user of ESETsecurity suite, but switched over to AVG a couple of months ago due to bad ESET performance and stability issues, and have been quite happy with AVG.

It's not as configurable as ESET, and I prefer the user interface of ESET, but it's been stable and painless and i've been thrilled with the performance improvements of my pc since switching away from ESET.

^I'm running AVG for File Servers on a new Win2012 server that was just put into production this week. Installed nicely and isn't demanding resource-wise. Normally I'll go with Bitdefender. But this was a very tightly budgeted project which needed an affordable and extremely easy to manage AVir solution. So far AVG's looking pretty good in this role.


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